RRR – Refresh Renew Rejuvenate 2023

RRR – Refresh Renew Rejuvenate


Kaps3 Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Held its Annual Training cum Refresher meet during the first week of February 2023.

This was the first chapter in the scheme of things to come when you look at the magnitude of the event.


RRR – The event was no less than a glamorous media event filled with stars and celebrities from all over the world, just that we had our star performers from across India and the movie revolved around our ground breaking products that are changing lives every day.


Hence, the fitting name for the event – RRR, the event that created waves in the industry.



RRR – Behind The Scenes


The team and management spent hours coming up with the content for the RRR sessions.

Mr. Harshit Shah took special care to design the entire event.

He overlooked the entire planning and management down to the minutest detail.

The event was designed with a balanced mix of work and play.

With learning sessions, we had meet and greets, introductions, musical evenings and cricket matches to stir up the competitive performers.

The planning team left no leaf unturned to make sure that RRR became as grand as it’s Bollywood name!.


RRR – The 3 Days


The event spanned 3 days with people joining in from all across India.

6-7-8 February 2023.

RRR – Refresh Renew Rejuvenate.


It was a proud moment for Kaps3 to host an event this big with Directors and higher management joining from various states.

Mr. Prashant Shah, Mr. Vikas Pandey and Mr. Vinayak Kamat graced us with their delightful presence and made the event even better!


Our GM, Mr. Harshit Shah and Sales GM, Mr. A. K. Thakur took the mantle in their hands and headed the sessions all three days.