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We are as a major sponsor in GIMACON 2019 at Holiday Inn Resorts, Goa. Mr. Michael Lobo minister of science and technology......

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Waterfall Trip for Doctors

Arranged a waterfall trip for 32 doctors for the introduction of Kaps3 to their group. All the doctors enjoyed it a lot....

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Fogsi International Conference 2019

Participated in FOGSI International Conference

KAPS3 participated in FOGSI International Conference Saving Mothers at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The conference aim is to update knowledge, Skill, Project and Protocol for optimizing......

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Gujarat Team’s Achievers

Achievers accept that in order to achieve their goals, they must withdraw attention from non-goal activities. Achievers also accept that these competing interests may resist being put on the back burner. The cable company may try to talk you out......

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