Anaemia Awareness Program

Anaemia awareness program and distribution of free semron plus tab
Kaps3 life sciences pvt ltd, a leading manufacturer and marketing company specializing in products that increase hemoglobin levels in adults and children.

We are deeply concerned about the rising prevalence of iron deficiencies and anaemic conditions particularly among females in india. In an effort to address this critical health issues and promote a healthier life style, we initiated an anaemic awareness program. As a part of this program, we are distributing our highly effective formulation tab semron plus.

Tab semron plus is a specially formulated nutritional supplement that combines ferrous sulphate and folic acid. This unique composition has been proven to increase hemoglobin levels and maintain a healthy life style. Our aim is to create awareness among girls about the importance of maintaining adequate hemoglobin levels and to provide them with necessary support to achieve optimal health.

Our team educated the girls about the health issues associated with Anaemia and the long term implications it can have on their well being. Explained the benefits of tab semron plus and the importance of taking it daily as a part of their nutrition regimen.

The first phase awareness program done in hardoi district of up in oct -23 in following schools as mentioned below:
1-sanju devi tej narayan inter college
2-madarsa sayad public school
3-c b inter college beniganj hardoi.

Next phase of awareness program will be in Varanasi U.P.

Kaps3 life sciences pvt ltd will keep on doing these awareness programs in future in different segments also.
This program was done under guidance of our respected director MR VIKAS PANDEY & TEAM